The image is my best form of communication. it´s immediate, it´s wide in its appeal and it allows me to express myself in a spontaneous way: it captures the moment.


I used to make short films but this meant I had to work within the confines of a film crew which needed, in my case, a lot of organisation.


I look for simplicity and the photograph is the best form of expression for me; moreover, I have always had a marked preference for the fixed image: (whether it`s Surrealism and/or photomontage). The photo allows me to communicate that which I can´t do it with words; it also allows me to be an independent spirit. Physically, I am not be able to do what I would like to do.


Importantly, I have a really mixed heritage: English, French, Polish and Russian. This mixture seems to propel me towards the Other, to travel, to discover new places, new people and new ideas. It has also enable me to speak a few languages: each language brings with it, its own way of thinking thus allowing me to have different perspectives of the world.


My life is founded upon diversity and change: photography allows me to express this at a fundamental level.


A photograph represents a suspended moment in time. This is partly what I want to show in the new project. I get around in a wheelchair which means that I have to go much more slowly than able-bodied people. It´s perhaps, this which allows me to be aware of immobility itself and to capture the static and sometimes phantom mannequins in a window naturally framed with mirrors and reflections


Although I have slow mobility myself. I feel I am able to catch the stationary in a world which is so obsessed with speed.